We are a leading professionals in Payroll Management. For a cost-effective and hassle-free payroll process, outsource your payroll to us. Our payroll outsourcing services are fully automated and custom designed that complements with HR policies of our clients. One of the integral parts of compensation is payroll management. Timely and accurate payroll process is the need of every organization. Your search for the best salary outsourcing companies ends with us. So know it’s time to save your precious time on payroll processing as we provide end-to-end support for your employee’s payroll.


HRMS allows businesses to automate many processes and reduce errors, giving them a leg up against the competition and allowing them more time to perform necessary tasks. This type of platform eases communication, gives companies a way to monitor employees, and saves money over time. A growing number of businesses are relying on HRMS to improve the hiring process, make onboarding more efficient, and improve overall satisfaction and productivity among employees. After all, employee satisfaction is strongly tied to company culture and employee turnover, and happy employees will make your company more efficient and profitable.

Attendance Management

Gendroit attendance management system allows you to establish and implement your Attendence System

An attendance management system refers to an organization's approach to tracking employee time and attendance information. An accurate attendance and time tracking system helps you save time and effort in calculating your employees' working hours..

Compliance Management

Legal compliance is tough, manage It with Us. We are providing expert advice of compliance service to our prestigious clients. Compliance management is very time-consuming and most complex part of payroll processing. The most important consideration when selecting payroll solution should be that it takes care of your compliance.