Metro Rail PSD


India has shown delayed progress in adopting metro rail transit. The need for expanding the metro extensively; was felt recently. With the increase in human adversities, the necessity for installing innovative screen doors to enhance safety standards on all Metro platforms in our country is the need of the hour.

Urban transportation is gaining significance, with several cities undertaking Metro Rail projects in India. The growing population and inferior surface transportation currently prevailing in our country; make use of Metros inevitable.

How does a platform screen door work?
Platform screen doors, also known as platform edge doors, are safety barriers installed on the platforms of metro systems to keep passengers away from the train tracks. Classically made of glass or similar transparent material, they open and close automatically in synchronization with the train's door. It offers a barrier between the station platform and the track and avoids unlawful entrances onto the tracks, lessening service interruption due to track intrusion. Platform Screen Doors will enable doors to open when the train is available at the platform by being in sync with the signalling system. So once the passengers board the train, the driver, either manually or with automatic signalling, closes the train doors.

PSD Vertical Head - Profile

Mr Ravinder Chandra has been part of every form of Operations Management and Business Development activity for over 15 years. He has supported (All Local Execution) NRT South Korea Company for their DMRC BS08 Project & Pioneer – Fangda Consortium for NMRC NS-03 Project.

These two projects concluded under his supervision, where he governed the DLP activities post- commissioning the project. He has hands-on experience in International trade, Overseas operations, Engineering Projects, etc. He is also capable of undertaking and processing AMC post-DLP activities. His Operational expertise and business management include Government, Semi-Government and Private Sector coordination.

Projects Experience

Completed Projects Experience

  • DMRC BS08 - PSD work
  • NMRC NS-03 – Under Supervision of Mr. Ravinder Chandra with last company
  • Delhi Metro (BS08, DLP) along with Longlasst Inc.

Ongoing Projects